About Ice's Zelda Central

Brrr ... is it cold in here or is it just me? Actually, it's because you're at Ice's Zelda Central, and this is the coolest Zelda gets.

Perhaps you've heard of it. Yes, nearly two decades ago, Ice's Zelda Central (or just "IZC" for short) was a pretty popular website, visted and loved/loathed/worked on/admired by/analyzed by/enjoyed by tens of thousands. The internet evolved and marched onward, and IZC was among one of the old Zelda sites that just kinda faded into the background, though it's always been a part of the community in some form or fashion.

Nowadays, the website is, put quite simply, just a Zelda website made by a guy called "Ice". It houses his projects, content, Zelda-related interests, files and really whatever else. That's right ... after 18 years, Ice is still around and playing the games he loves.

And while the name is "Ice's Zelda Central," all that means is that it's a central place for Ice to collect some Zelda stuff. It doesn't at all minimize the contributions that countless others have made toward the site and the community over the many years. You're all awesome and have made this an amazing, one-of-a-kind experience. I've tried to compile a thank you page and even that's not the tip of the ice-berg ... a big thank you goes out to each and every visitor that's taken the time out of their day to visit us.

I think that about does it for now ... stay cool!

- Ice